Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A gospel view of the Great Commission: A hand of life giving love

Eugene Bunkowske has written an easy to understand article for Lutheran Witness that expands what the Great Commission is on about....key to the article is the Gospel.

In one part of the article Eugene gives us an easy way to remember what it means to be living the Great Commission :
(thumb) All authority has been given to Jesus in heaven and earth
(index finger) so while you are going about in everyday life
(middle finger) disciple people of all languages and cultures
(ring finger) by baptizing and teaching them everything Jesus has told us
(pinky finger) and recalling that Jesus is always with you until the end of time

Now to read the article in visit http://www.lcms.org/pages/wPage.asp?ContentID=230&IssueID=18

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