Thursday, November 08, 2007

A web site worth looking at: Transforming Church

The mission of Transforming Church is the renewal of the centrist church.

Here is a little more from their web site:
There is a great spiritual yearning in this country. This deep yearning has expressed itself in all sorts of “paths” to wisdom. We have moved beyond the time when our culture was predominately Christian in character. In this post-modern era, we have moved beyond secularism. Even scientists and physicians are discovering that reason alone cannot provide the answers to life’s questions. The question is not, “Does God exist” but “In which God will I believe?”
Unfortunately, most of the unchurched are looking everywhere but the Christian church for answers. 80% of the denominational churches in the U.S. are stagnant or in decline. Yet we persist in “doing church” in ways that worked in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.
Seminaries are still producing Chaplain Managers when today we need Courageous Leaders. A recent survey by George Barna found only 10% of pastors could articulate God’s vision for the church Pastors are beat up, burned out, and losing their sense of mission. Yet, there are seeds of hope.
A movement is growing in this country to bring the twenty-first century church back to its first century roots. New models of ministry are emerging to create an ancient/modern church. Discipleship is replacing membership, and gift-based ministry teams are replacing committees. is a part of that movement.

What you will find;
Staff Openings (and the ability to list staff openings)
Resource Toolbox, including tools for; starting a transformational journey, teams, shared leadership, congregational settings, inspiration, motivation, devotion, group learning, conflict resolution, conencting with mission partners and the internet.
Information on the Mission Network, the Commission for transformational church, the Transformational Leaders gathering, Academy, plus many other nuggets.

There are many articles and resource to get your mind thinking and venturing along a new route of sharing God's wonderful news.

You can find this site at

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