Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mission that goes beyond humans but includes humans

Most of the time we think of mission in regards to people and leave it only at that...

However those behind the Seasons of Creation remind us that God gave humans the mission to care for the earth....

And so they have developed a worship and bible study series that helps us engage with God's word and how that affects how we relate to His creation.

At times the church has been suspicious of those talking about creation, however the perspecitve of Seasons of Creation is outlined as follows:
The season of Creation is part the heritage of mainstream Christian worship. There is no break from the gospel as the core of our faith. Nor do the liturgies reflect a New Age orientation. Christ is at the heart of our celebrations. The cosmic Christ is the new life at the core of creation. In the season of Creation we celebrate Christ together with creation, we face the ecological crisis with Christ, and we serve Christ in the healing of creation

The resources have been developed and endorsed by various Lutheran bodies and people both in Australia and in the USA.

Available on the web site are:
Children's addresses
Bible Studies
Devotional material
Suggested activities

It is well worth visiting:

I have also heard about congregations who have used this have had unexpected results of people reengaging with the church.

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