Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Church Planting principles from LCMC

The LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) encourage church planting with a biblical basis and focus....

Many of the congregations of the LCMC arose due to hurts

So the first step they recommend is that if this is the case for you and those who you are looking to church plant with, that you take some time to heal from a time of struggle, to spend time in prayer, participate in a worshipping community and spend time in reflection.  It is very important that anyone hurting comes to terms with their loss, and begin working toward forgiveness and healing.

But planting a church is not just being called out of a situation, it is being called to a situation!!

Jesus’ call is always for a purpose.

In their article  they explore the steps that are involved in being called to plant a church with a Jesus centred purpose:

  • Consider the Great Commission
  • Take time to reflect on, discuss and decide what is the mission, vision and purpose God has called us to.
  • Get organised
  • Gather around the Lord's Supper
  • Plan to grow
You can read their article fully by visiting

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