Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Carols and Reading Services

Carols and Readings services have become a special part of many congregations and schools Christmas worship.  
Kings College in the UK, is recognised as the community who first began such services.   Congregations and schools throughout the world have used, adapted and shared these services, which have become special to many people.  
Following are some of the Carols and Readings services that congregations and schools have used and will use, plus a few additional resources.

Carols and Readings - Powerpoint - Redeemer Lutheran Church, Narraweena, NSW Australia

A family friendly carols and readings service - script - Worshipping with Children

A festival of nine lessons and carols - service order - Kings College

Nine lessons and Carols for Christmastide - Reformed Worship

Nine lessons and Carols - service builder -  Better Gatherings

A contemporary service of worship and carols - service order - worthily, magnify

Lessons and Carols - service order - Messiah Lutheran Church

Commentary on the readings for a carols and readings service - Spiritual Journeys

Object lessons, readings and carols - Scipt -  BRF

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