Friday, January 01, 2016

eBook: Meta-Moments Transformational Encounters with Christianity's Core

Meta-Moments are points of transformation.  Eric Burtness , Dave Daubert and Robert Driver-Bishop have written this book to encourage people to see the Christian faith as more than a static thing, but as a source of real and important transformation. Each chapter explores a key theme and also invites the reader to engage the material in ways to see new things about themselves as well as about the God we meet in Jesus. This book is a way for people exploring Christianity to dig deeper into some key themes.
Perfect for small groups, individual study or for framing a congregational campaign or sermon series, this book will invite the reader into a look at Christian faith for mainline participants. Whether the reader is a long-time member of a congregation with a desire to dig into their faith in new ways or a new person who is curious about what mainline Christianity has to offer, this book will be a good foundation for exploring. Chapters explore the themes of Beginnings, Jesus, The Reign of God, Diversity's Challenge, Meaning and Purpose, and Why Church.

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