Monday, January 04, 2016

Book: Why on earth are you still Lutheran?

Why on Earth are you still a Lutheran? is not quite an autobiography but parts of a story of Norm Habel's life.
Norm Habel is an Australian, an Earth child and a Lutheran who has survived accusations of heresy many times in his life.
After all, Habel is many more things than a Lutheran – a family man, a social justice advocate, an amateur ecologist and a poet – but still a Lutheran. The scenes from his experiences are not an effort to define being a Lutheran in any official or unofficial sense. Rather, in telling his story, he searches for that elusive something that persists in his faith – the mystery behind the Lutheran jargon that has cluttered his world and battered his brain. For Norm Habel, Lutheran wisdom means reading life from a distance, reading the landscape as a sacred text, and reading the Sacred Text without biased biblical blinkers. He invites you to follow his journey, to explore anew the complex question of identity – whether you are an Australian farmer or a Brooklyn pastor, a politician from PNG or a Dalit from India.
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