Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips for Good Presentations, Public Speaking and maybe sermons

McCrindle Research has released the top 5 tips for conference presentations for 2014.....

Now if we are to be effective in sharing the Gospel to people, maybe some of these are worth thinking about and thinking how can we can contextual these for sermons and other Christian presentations....

1.   Conferences are going TED-style:
a. Speak to the audience not at the audience (free yourself from the lectern)
b. Present your message not your outline (minimise your notes)
c. Don’t give a long speech, craft an engaging presentation (shorter can be more impacting than longer).

2.  Keep it visual:
a. It’s a presentation to be seen not a podcast to be downloaded
b. Use slides as visual reinforcing of your point not a written summary of your content.
c. Think images not just words. .

3.  Ensure it’s evidence-based:
a. The average business audience has twice as many university graduates today as 1990
b. Statistics are great- but so are case studies
c. In a world of hype- keep it real, relevant and responsive.

4.  Deliver current, contextual and customised content:
a. In a world of emerging trends- make sure it is now
b. In a world of ideas- keep it practical
c. In a world of global ideas- apply it to the local.

5.  Motivate even if you’re not a motivational speaker:
a. A positive message will always be better received than a negative one
b. Sure- be provocative and challenging but deliver it with warmth and encouragement

c. Ensure you both equip the head and engage the heart of your listener.

Think about which of these apply to sermon proclamation and which was are less likely to apply.   This is not about watering down the message but about thinking how can we more effectively proclaim the Gospel to people today!!!

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