Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Theses on worship LCMS

In 2009 the College of Presidents of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod presented a theses on worship.   

1.  Worship is not adiaphoron
2.  Scripture and the confessions give the people of God considerable freedom in choosing those forms, aids and ceremonies that aid the worship of God.
3.  The liturgy of the Church builds the framework for the worshiper to live the life of faith.
4.  Imposing a certain form, rite or ceremony on the Church burdens men's consciences and therefore mitigates against the Gospel.
5.  Great care is necessary in choosing forms, rites and ceremonies because they either support or hinder true worship.  There are no neutral forms.
6.  Uniformity in certain forms, rites and ceremonies while desirable, is not essential to the unity of the Church.
7.  The polarization that is affecting the Church concerning issues of forms, rites and ceremonies is sinful and hinders the proclamation of the Gospel.
8.  The people of God are commanded by God  to keep talking with each other under His word, so that divisions are healed and the Church is united in doctrine and practice.

To read the entire theses visit here

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