Monday, October 14, 2013

Discussion Starter: When it comes to evangelism what can we learn from the Early Church?

The church father Augustine wrote an evangelism course entitled ‘On the Instruction of Newcomers’ (Latin title: De Catechizandis Rudibus).  This book showed that from the time of the early church newcomers to the faith went through an initiation process that consisted of three stages.  
First, they were considered inquirers. 
If their interest was serious they became catechumens at which point they received thorough instruction into the Christian faith over a considerable period of time.  
Finally, if it became clear that they had come to faith they became competences – which meant that they were ready to be baptized.
It is also interesting to note that throughout this process newcomers were expected to attend church services and participate in a program of instruction….which wasn’t just the pastor’s responsibility but involved many others in the congregation.  

Who is involved in helping new Christians be part of the faith in your congregation?
How are people initiated into the faith through your congregation?0
How are you helping a person who is interested in the faith???

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