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Concordia Publishing House's latest resources

5 of Concordia Publishing House's latest resources

Concordia Commentary:  Romans 1-8
This commentary articulates the meaning of the Greek text of Romans in its original context for the benefit of the church and world today. Those without any knowledge of Greek will also profit from utilizing the volume. It provides insights that will enhance the understanding and effectiveness of scholars, pastors, and teachers who have the privilege of proclaiming Paul’s most famous letter. This commentary seeks to be theologically thorough in as few words as possible. Romans is the Spirit-breathed, living, and powerful Word of God. Its purpose is to bestow the righteous of God, which comes through faith alone, and to inculcate the life of faith in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Concordia's complete Bible Handbook 2nd edition
Who is this Bible Handbook for?
Anyone who wants to take an in-depth look at each book of the Bible and learn more about important people, significant places, customs and traditions, and life in Biblical times.
What does this Bible Handbook provide?
This handbook starts with an introduction to the Bible, looking at questions such as:
Who wrote the Bible?
How is the Bible organized?
What's up with all those translations?
Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy?
How can I get the most out of the Bible reading I do?
The book then presents a survey of all 66 books of the Bible and the time between the Old and New Testaments.
How is this edition of the Bible Handbook different from the first edition?

The main change is the addition of a Bible dictionary that is more than 190 pages long.  The dictionary starts with Aaron, ends with Zorah, and has a wealth of information between about  people and places, customs and traditions, and terms found throughout the Bible.  The dictionary also serves as a "smart index" for the book, including page number references to Handbook content where appropriate.

I am not afraid:  Spiritual warfare and demon possession
While Africa and Madagascar seem like strange and faraway places, the world in which we now live has become much smaller than many of us could ever have imagined. Moreover, even our neighbors visit the local fortuneteller, read the horoscope page in the newspaper, and attend s√©ances that seek to reach departed friends, lovers, and family members. Consequently, as we begin a journey into faraway places, we may soon find they are not as far away as we may have expected.  — from Chapter 3
I Am Not Afraid is Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s fascinating first-hand account of the spiritual warfare found within the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. Is spiritual warfare something new to the Church? Bennett reviews what the Bible, Church Fathers, and contemporary Lutheran leaders have to say.
Part One includes recent conversations dealing with spiritual warfare, an introduction into the Malagasy Lutheran Church, and the traditional Malagasy worldview. These are the stories of those who have been rescued from the darkness of sin and brought into the light of the Gospel.
Part Two looks to the Bible and the Church for explanation and historical perspective on the spiritual warfare found in the Malagasy Lutheran Church. Is it something only found in the time of Jesus and the apostles? What has the Church said in the past about such activities? Bennett explores the views of Martin Luther and other Lutheran leaders, and finally provides some helpful contemporary material and resources for dealing with spiritual warfare in today’s context.
Includes a glossary of key terms, transcripts of personal interviews, bibliography, Scripture index, and subject index.

One in Christ - Little voices cd
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Help kids learn about God’s love through music. They are sure to sing along with joy and enthusiasm with familiar favorites and delight in learning new songs.
Both voice recordings and separate instrumental-only recordings are included for each of the 58 songs. Three CD set.

5 things you can do series
The You Can Do It Series encourages and equips believers to live out life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, being formed and shaped by God’s Word. Written in a clear and encouraging style, each of these topical books gives Christians achievable goals for strengthening their faith and relationships. Each book features a consistent presentation of a topic in five parts with each part consisting of a presentation, summary, discussion questions, and several action steps.
The series topics are:

  • Understand the Bible Better
  • Witness Christ
  • Make Your Marriage Stronger
  • Read the Bible Prayerfully
  • Have a Faithful Prayer Life
  • Appreciate Science and Love the Bible
  • Have a Stronger Family
  • Live a Jesus-Centered Life
  • Make Your Congregation a Caring Church

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