Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book: Imaginative Apologetics

Imaginative  Apologetics

This timely introduction argues for a version of Christian apologetics that is theological, philosophical, and "catholic" and that embraces the whole of human reason. It emphasizes a foundation in theology that is both confident and open and makes reference to philosophy in an accessible way.


  • John Hughes on proofs and arguments for faith and reason
  • Andrew Davison on Christian reason and Christian community
  • Alison Milbank on apologetics and the imagination
  • Donna J. Lazenby on apologetics, literature, and worldview
  • Michael Ward on C. S. Lewis's view of imagination and reason in apologetics
  • Stephen Bullivant on atheism, apologetics, and ecclesiology
  • Craig Hovey on Christian ethics as Good News
  • Graham Ward on cultural hermeneutics and Christian apologetics
  • Richard Conrad, OP, on moments and themes in the history of apologetics
  • Alister E. McGrath on the natural sciences and apologetics

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