Saturday, July 20, 2013

A web site: Lutheran Apologetics

What Lutheran Apologetics is about? is an apologetics for apologetics directed to the Lutheran reader.
It is also a research aid for the Lutheran scholarship of Christian Apologetics. This website attempts to organize bibliographical data in a manner especially helpful to the scholar that is working towards a particularly Lutheran approach to the apologetic task. However, this website will also be helpful to any person wishing to get a handle on the vast terrain of the subject today within the professional scholarly community.
Note that not all scholars listed call themselves professional apologists. Rather, scholars listed here have published and presented research that informs the field of apologetics. For example, Michael Behe is a molecular biologist, not an apologist; but his work has immense apologetic implications.
The site is maintained by Anthony Horvath after originally being designed by LGT. Anthony has studied at the International Academy of Apologetics and Human Rights under John Warwick Montgomery and Gary Habermas, has taught theology and apologetics courses, and currently runs an apologetics ministry. LGT received an M.A. from Marquette University’s philosophy program, teaches philosophy, and is studying to be a pastor. He has also studied at the International Academy of Apologetics in Strasbourg, France. is an apologetics site with a strong Lutheran emphasis. Lutheran apologetics:
  • explores apologetics in the light of the Lutheran confessions, 
  • explores the apologetic thrust of Lutheran theology, 
  • provides a 24 hour intro to apologetics,
  • offers links to leading apologetic web sites

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