Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday School Teachers articles and magazine

CPH offer a magazine for Sunday School Teachers called Teachers interactive.

You can view some of their articles for free including:
See How They Grow (Spring 2011)
Teaching about the Sacraments (Winter 2010)
Encouraging Attendance (Winter 2010)
Ten Ways to Involve Parents (Winter 2010)
Principles of Biblical Interpretation (Fall 2010)
Law and Gospel at Work in the Classroom (from Teachers Interaction, Spring 2010)
Ten Ways to Prevent Discipline Problems (Teachers Interaction, Spring 2010)
The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms (Teachers Interaction, Spring 2010)

To look at more articles or to subscribe for $16 (US) a year visit

This could be a good way to support Sunday school teachers and assistants. 

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