Thursday, March 22, 2012

Article and Book: Surving and Thriving Church

Article:   The life cycle of Leviathian Church
including lessons learnt for surviving and thriving-
Life-sustaining Lessons
Unlike some of her offspring, the mother church adapted to new circumstances and, more than once, courageously made changes that have kept her alive. Life-sustaining lessons she has learned include:
· Member loyalty by itself cannot keep a church alive.
· Location isn’t everything, but it is a big thing.
· Maintaining adequate resources requires creativity.
· Without strong pastoral leadership decline accelerates
· Doing something—even if it seems wrong—is always better than doing nothing
· Not making choices almost never makes things easier or better
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Book :   Tales of Leviathian Church, 16 tales from the church
These 16 stories about true-to-life characters will provide life lessons while tugging at your heartstrings.

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