Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Missional Ecclesiology for the local church and Ministering to the over 20s

The Church of the Lutheran Brethren has just held its Annual convention.

They are offering their inservice training as a podcast.

Two of the sessions dealt with the topic Missional Ecclesiology for the local church, and another dealt with ministering to the over 20s

This is what they say about the Missional Ecclesiology sessions.
This seminar explores the development of the denominational model of Church (adapted from European models) that has come to represent the churches of North America, while addressing the following questions:
- What are the historical and theological origins of denominations?
- What do denominations have to say about the nature of the church?
- How should the church organize and structure its life?
The presentation then proceeds to briefly explore the present North American cultural climate and examines how the traditional denominational model of Church and the missional model of Church differ in how they attempt to meet these cultural challenges.

If you are interested feel free to visit: http://annualconvention.podbean.com/category/in

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