Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 new Lutheran Study Bibles

Yes thats right not one...but two
and that will make the three

The new Lutheran Study Bibles are:

Lutheran Study Bible NRSVproduced by Augsburg Fortress
to be released in March 2009
This is what Augsburg Fortress says about the new Study Bible.
This exciting new Bible features the NRSV translation as well as introductions, notes, and articles written by over sixty Lutheran pastors and teaching theologians. This resource is designed to invite readers to experience the Bible and its message through solid background material, unique Lutheran insights, and opportunities for faith reflection. Reader-friendly, inviting, and engaging, this is the perfect study Bible for both youth and adults who want to encounter Scripture in a fresh and new way!
Reader-friendly: With an attractive page layout and easy-to-read study notes, Lutheran Study Bible presents the biblical text in a fresh, approachable format. Plain-language notes assume little to no prior understanding of theological terminology, making it accessible to the youth and adults alike.
Inviting: The rich study notes of the new Lutheran Study Bible invite discovery, providing helpful background information while actively encouraging the reader to directly engage the biblical text.
Engaging: The combination of biblical text and study notes enable the reader to learn about the Bible's content and to hear God's Word as it was encountered by people in the Bible as well as how in now encounters us. Study notes are grouped into four categories:

  • The World of the Bible explores the historical, cultural, and geographic background of a particular passage.
  • Biblical Concepts explain key words or themes in the context of other parts of Scripture.
  • Lutheran Perspectives highlight Lutheran theological insights and catechetical connections drawn from particular passages.
  • Faith Reflections provide commentary and questions that encourage life application.

For more information click here

The Lutheran Study Bible using the ESV translation.

Then in October 2009 Concordia Publishing House releases the Lutheran Study Bible. This is what they say about this Lutheran Study Bible;

The Lutheran Study Bible is the first study Bible in English to be developed from the ground-up with notes that are “exclusively and distinctively Lutheran.”
The Lutheran Study Bible includes more than 26,500 study notes, including over 2,000 application notes and prayers for every part of the Bible; over 80,000 center column cross-references and 900 cross-references to 120 full or half-page maps, charts, and diagrams; and more than 220 articles and introductions to biblical books and topics. The Lutheran Study Bible notes were prepared by Lutheran theologians, scholars, and pastors from 12 Lutheran church bodies. “We are excited to offer all English-speaking Christians a study Bible that offers such a comforting and powerful Christ-centered understanding of the Scriptures,” shares Rev. Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Executive Director of Editorial for CPH. “As the Lutheran Reformers put it, Christ and His Gospel is the unspeakable treasure that alone opens the door to the entire Bible.”
The Lutheran Study Bible uses the English Standard Version® translation, one of the fastest growing translations worldwide and considered to be one of the most precise English translations available. “TLSB is a truly unique offering in the study Bible ‘market’,” says Gretchen Jameson, CPH’s Corporate Communications manager, “it combines a personal, devotional, and practical application approach to Bible reading, alongside solid scholarly study notes. There is, quite simply, nothing else like it available today.”
Detailed information about the unique features of The Lutheran Study Bible will be online at cph.org/lutheranbible in October 2008.
The Lutheran Study Bible is available for Internet pre sale in March 2009.

But you want a Lutheran Study Bible NOW!!!!

Since 1986 the Concordia Self Study Bible NIV has been available. Visit the link below for more information....


Chad King, Marketing Manager said...

Thanks - we at Augsburg Fortress are very excited about our new Lutheran Study Bible. We have been developing this Bible in conjunction with the ELCA's Book of Faith Initiative, and we definitely hope that this resource will, in conjunction with the initiative, help increase biblical literacy and fluency from a Lutheran perspective.

Paul McCain said...

Hi Folks, I thought you would like to have a sneak preview of The Lutheran Study Bible, coming, Reformation Day 2009, call it a "teaser trailer."