Monday, July 03, 2017

Building Church Leaders

Building Church Leaders resources are produced by Christianity Today, and provide customizable leadership resources for every kind of church ministry.
Their downloadable, easy-to-use Training Tools provide everything you need to prepare a relevant training session in a matter of minutes.   Each resource is designed with church boards, committees, staff, or volunteers in mind.   You select the topical tool that fits what you want to accomplish, download it, make copies if needed, and lead a discussion with your team or use them for your own personal development.
Whether it’s continuing education or an urgent need, Building Church Leaders provides the best practical ministry insights to help grow leaders into greater Kingdom impact. 

Resources available for:

  • Leadership including:   Orientation Guides for leaders, Church Board & Elders, Leadership Skills, Staffing Forms & Essentials, Administrative Forms and Training New Leaders.
  • Congregation and visitors including:  Discipleship, Membership, Welcoming Visitors, and Outreach  
  • Vision and goals including:  Vision Casting, Strategic Planning, Stewardship & Giving, Small Churches and Mentoring
  • Children's Ministry
  • Women Leaders
  • Small-Groups Ministry

Resources offered include:
Best Church Practices
Case Studies
Church Administration
Orientation Guides
Practical Ministry Skills
Survival Guides
Training Themes
Urgent Care Tools
Worship Essentials

You can puchase individual resources or become a member for free access

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