Saturday, June 17, 2017

Book: Will the real Jesus please stand up

In our culture of personalization, where everything is customizable, Jesus is often reworked into what each individual wants Him to be. Jesus is aligned to a person's agendas and dreams, making it easier for him or her to agree with Him.
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?: 12 False Christs, aims to address the many incorrect versions of Jesus present in today's culture. 
Whether Jesus is seen as a patriot, a social justice warrior, a therapist, or a giver of bling, these many false christs diminish the real Christ - the Savior of the world who defies our culture's standards. 
This book looks to the Bible to reveal that the real Jesus is already standing, while the false christs are not able to stand on their own.

Matthew Richard helps us understand who Jesus really is by unpacking some of the forms of Jesus we endeavour to create including

  • The Mascot Jesus
  • The Option Among Many Jesus
  • The Good Teacher Jesus
  • The Therapist Jesus
  • The Giver of Bling Jesus
  • The National Patriot Jesus
  • The Social Justice Warrior Jesus
  • The Moral Example Jesus
  • The New Moses Jesus
  • The Mystical Friend Jesus
  • The Feminized Jesus
  • The Teddy Bear Jesus

Will the Jesus please stand up is available here

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