Monday, February 06, 2017

Book: ROFL with Jesus

In sounds and tones that emulate what real teens in Everytown USA face daily, ROFL w/Jesus :) is more than a narrative -- it is a tool. 
The first in a planned Christian fiction series, this collection of stories is written for high school students and follows events in the lives of two high school students living in the same town, while attending separate schools. However, they attend the same church and youth group, and have discovered that they like each other. While trying to be good and do the right thing, it is not always easy in the secular world that surrounds them. The stories in this book are based on actual event - stories that involve peer pressure, drug and alcohol use, destruction of friendships, sexual tension, issues with parents, success and failure in school, responsibility when driving, and much more. Inter-woven into each fictional event, is a real person encountering life and faith in real ways that the author witness in his 30 years of youth work.

The book is available here

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