Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Book: Move towards the mess

Move towards the mess by John Hambrick encourages Christians to live the calling God has for them and to deal with any boredom they face not by looking for better church or more exciting worship but by allowing God to deal with their attitude to life.  

The truth is if Jesus had been boring, the disciples wouldn’t have followed him and the Pharisees wouldn’t have killed him.   Now it wasnt always spectactular, it was often messy.   So in following Jesus we will be led to many messy situations, where God will be making a difference to others through you and to you through others.

In the first 10 chapters you will encounter real life, everyday situations where people who are following God find themselves in messy situations, not because they have done anything wrong, but because that is where God is leading them and using them.   The next 7 chapters John is offering some practical advice and guidance to help us move toward the mess.

If you take this book seriously it is highly likely you will from your comfort zone into the God zone...

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