Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book: When men grieve: Why men grieve differently?

Psychologist Elizabeth Levang, author of Remembering with Love, explains the special ways that men grieve so those who love them can better understand what they're going through.
This book is a very honest and straightforward portrayal of men and grief.  It has helped many men and those who love them to a deeper understanding and to healing.    This book also looks at grief and shows why women seldom understand men's grief and why, so often, men remain in grief for a much longer period, once they begin.

New understandings --
ch. 1. When men and women grieve --
"Follow the wind: songs for stained souls" / Ralph O. Robinson --
ch. 2. Language of grief --
"My father" / Jon Masson --
ch. 3. Process of grieving: the thinking male --
"No longer here / Jim Amundsen --
Realities and challenges --
ch. 4. Denial --
"The last fishing trip" / Larry D. Johnson --
ch. 5. Anger --
"The wounded animal syndrome" / Robert W. Ross --
ch. 6. Control --
"A grief resolved" / J.B. Blair --
ch. 7. Bitterness --
"Fatherless" / John L. Jankord --
ch. 8. Addictive behaviors --
"The price of success" / Richard Friberg --
ch. 9. Despair --
"Caught in a golden parachute" / Jim Murrow --
pt. 3. Prospects for renewal --
ch. 10. Time of change and healing --
"Choosing happiness over sorrow" / Thomas Chalfant --
ch. 11. Transformation --
"The circle of grief" / Kent L. Koppelman.

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