Friday, September 30, 2016

Book: The American mind meets the mind of Christ

Whether it is an altar to an unknown god or the New Atheists, Christians have always faced the challenge of translating the Gospel message within the surrounding culture. 
This is no less true for the tangled web that is 21st century America. 
Edited by global scholar Robert Kolb, The American mind meets the mind of Christ are ten essays that engage numerous facets of American culture from politics to science, the movies to new media to find the interconnections between the American mind and the mind of Christ.

Ten essays are:
The American mind meets the mind of Christ....Robert Kolb
Health and Wealth
Living in the Land of Milk and Honey . . . Dale A. Meyer
The Good Life: Health, Fitness, and Bodily Welfare . . . R. Reed Lessing

Individualism and Community
Individualism as the Insistence on My Rights . . . Joel Biermann
Individualism, Indulgence and the Mind of Christ: Making Room for the Neighbor and the Father . . . Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.

Religion and Religiosity
Pluralism and Mix-and-Match Religion . . . Paul W. Robinson
American Mystic Spirituality . . . David R. Schmitt

Science and Culture
Science, Technology, and the American Mind . . . Joel P. Okamoto
Cinema and the American Mind . . . David I. Lewis

Media as a Source of Information and Identity . . . Anthony A. Cook

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