Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Course: The course of your life

The Course of Your Life is essentially a framework to help you apply the word of God to people’s lives prayerfully and intensively. The subtitle is ‘a personal revolution’, and that’s what the course seeks to do—to revolutionize hearts and minds by focusing on the central and profound issues of who God is, what he has done in Christ, what his extraordinary plans are for the world and for us, and how that generates a whole new agenda for the course of our lives: to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus.

Course Structure
Seminar 1: Getting started
Seminar 2: God’s creative purposes
Seminar 3: What went wrong?
Seminar 4: God’s answer
Seminar 5: God’s agenda
Seminar 6: Christ’s death, my life
Seminar 7: Transformation
Seminar 8: God’s method
Seminar 9: Where to now?

To run the course you will need:
➡ a workbook for each person
➡ a leader’s guide (the leader does not also need a workbook—the leader’s guide contains all the material in the workbook (black printing), plus notes and scripts for the leader (blue printing)
➡ a leader’s DVD (assuming you want to use the video input clips rather than teach the material yourself).
There are free samples to download of each of these components on their web site

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