Monday, July 14, 2014

Book: iPray - a simple prayer book for ministry, mercy and multiplication

Learn how to train men and women to use Prayer for the purposes of Ministry, Mercy and Multiplication.
Actual examples from over a decade of ministry- not theory; see what is actually working in hundreds of churches.
Practical resource taken from the experiences of Jim Buckman, mission strategist who helps churches plant new worshipping communities by using the House Church model and training the Priesthood of the Baptized to work under the supervision of their Pastors.
Prayer is key to building relationships with others.
Jim has found that asking the simple question, "How can I pray for you?" to be very effective in building relationships with others, so that we can share the Gospel.
"How can I pray for you?" is the doorway to learning what really matters to others, providing care that actually want and a transparent way to build a faith focused relationship so that you can share the Good News that in Christ, we have one who always Prays for us.

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