Saturday, February 01, 2014

Songs that unite

Who and what is Songs that unite

The mission for Songs that Unite is
"to enhance your experience of worship through music and photographic images”.

Songs that Unite is the Uniting Church Assembly’s worship resources website.

There are three main areas of worship resources:

  • Congregational songs 
  • Music Mp3 voice tracks, CD/EP's
  • Free and Royalty Photographic Images

Congregational Songs
Worship leaders will find theologically sound, authentic, original 'contemporary' songs to use in communal and congregational singing. For each song, you will find a Lyrics Sheet; a Mp3 Backing Track; and a Music Score. Most songs also have a vocal recording included, to give you a better idea of how the song sounds.  Some of these Mp3 voice tracks are for sale under Music tab. To assist your preparation, you will find that every song has been catalogued as to how it might be used in worship. For example, you may search for a particular season of the church year (eg. Lent); a part of the Liturgy (e.g. gathering the people); a Bible reference; or on a general theme. You can, of course, also search for a particular title or artist.

Some of our very gifted Music Artists also have Mp3 voice tracks and CD/EP's available to enhance your personal worship or just for pure enjoyment. Download these onto your music device or phone so that you can always carry your music with you to enjoy anytime.

Free and Royalty Photographic Images
Songs that Unite also have a library of Free Images and inspired Royalty Photographic Images to download. Uses include: Newsletters, brochures, websites, sermons, power point presentations, background for song lyrics on big screen. All our royalty images come in various sizes from small to extra-large. (images must not be used for commercial resale purposes)

The idea for the site was born out of the Uniting Church Assembly's Songwrite competition first held in 2009-10. There was a wealth of song writing talent discovered across the church, and it raised the question of how we might encourage and support the production and distribution of music resources to the wider church community. While providing a place for songwriters to publish their works, the focus of the website was also on serving those who are preparing a service of worship.

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