Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sanctification: resources, articles and books

Sanctification is one the teachings that many Lutherans struggle with...following are some resource to help you explore sanctification from a Lutheran perspective

Christian Cyclopedia:  Sanctification

Bible verses relating to sanctification

Article:  Gospel Driven Sanctification

Paper:  Justification Through Faith Produces Sanctification by Rev. Adolph L. Harstad

Paper:  The Lutheran Doctrine Of Sanctification And Its Rivals by John F. Brug

Essay:  A Lutheran view of sanctifiction by G Forde

Article:  Sanctification by Grace alone by Rev Dr Scaer

Paper:  Sanctification in Lutheran Theology by Dr Scaer

Article:  Sanctification by Wallace McLaughlin

Blog entry:  Progressive Sanctification by Just Sinner

Paper:  Sanctification-daily death and resurrection by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

Blog entry by ManPower:  Biblical Sanctification , Lutheran view Strength, Lutheran view weakness , Lutheran view practical implications

Paper:  The Scriptural relationship between justification and sanctification by Rev Bloedel

Blog entry:  Sanctified in from the vine by Pastor Matt Richard

Blog entry:  Root cause of much of the confusion in Lutheran circles about sanctification, good works and preaching by Paul T McCain

Blog entry:  Sanctification and the Gospel -Lutheran and Reformed views by Lutheran Study Group



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