Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living

Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living

Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living is an open access site designed to provide free resources and ideas for churches to use to support its members and assist them in their growth in prayer, worship and missions leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living is committed to upholding and supporting the Lutheran confessions and reflecting the beliefs of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Lutheran Living will uphold and support the practices of all Lutheran synods that encourage us to become the church Christ is calling us to be- all things to all people, in all nations, for the cause of Christ. 1 Cor. 9:19-2

BIBLE STUDIES The goal of Bible studies is to provide opportunities for a congregation and its members to discuss and learn more about prayer and worship and as a church to ask ourselves, “Can we as the church, pray and worship even more expressively when we gather in His name?” Then, can we leave the sanctuary with the “shoes of the Gospel” and make everything we do an act of worship? Can we better achieve our mission goals of reaching others when they see our prayer and worship is authentic?

CHURCH PROJECTS The goal of Church Projects is for churches to build churches within their church. The Gathering Church (Welcoming Church), The Jubilant Church, (The Joyful Church) The Praying Church (The Ministering Church), and the Resonant Church (The Reaching Church), are all areas where the Holy Spirit can work in the lives of His people and breath a sense of mission and ministry into committed members of a congregation. These members can then build enthusiasm for the ministry and soon the church is full harvest workers. Everyone arrives at worship eager to celebrate the work of the Lord. Start one church at time by identifying those in the church with the gifts needed to make the church thrive and support them to develop programs that will encourage others to participate.

GLOBAL MISSIONS The goal of Global Missions is to help us see the Lutheran Church as much bigger than just our own congregation. Through the use of technology, perhaps as simple as e-mail or SKYPE, we want to encourage small group bible studies and entire congregations to worship and work together. If you are a small struggling congregation, you are not alone, there are 1,000’s of congregations to support and encourage you. If you are a large congregation, why not share what God has given you with other churches that may just be starting up? Over the next seven years we want to increase our peripheral vision of God’s kingdom!

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