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2011 Lent Resources

Lent begins 9th March with Ash Wednesday

Worship and devotional resources
from Concordia Publishing HouseMiracles of Lent
This CD includes fully customizable resources for the pastor and musician, designed to lead the Christian congregation through the season of Lent in preparation for the Easter celebration. The theme of this series is the several miracles and miraculous signs performed by God during the Passion of Jesus Christ. The important and significant miracles and miraculous signs that God the Father performed to set apart His Son's death from absolutely all others were performed to help spread the Good News, which is centered in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the face of opposition.

Words of Life from the cross
This CD-ROM offers substantial resources for those looking to connect God’s people to the words of life shared from the Cross in a variety of congregational programs and settings.

Journey to the Cross
Journey to the Cross is an outreach and educational event for your congregation and community. Through activities based on Scripture, participants experience the joy of Palm Sunday, the disappointment of Judas’ betrayal, the devastation of the crucifixion, the jubilation of the resurrection, and so much more.

from Augsburg Fortress
Book of Faith-Seven wonders of the Word
Explore how God's Word creates, calls, commands, saves, sustains, shapes, and sends you and the church. Your 40-day Lenten journey into Seven Wonders of the Word will challenge you to experience the power of God's Word in all aspects of your life and in our world. It will also encourage you to deepen your prayer life as you relate the power of God's Word to you personal experience.
Each day the journey begins with a biblical verse, followed by a brief reflection on that verse. Following the daily reflection you will journey, explore and find meaning during the following activities:
•Biblical Wisdom
•Theological Thoughts
•Silence for Meditation
•Psalm Fragment
•Questions to Ponder
•Prayer for Today
Weekly worship helps are also provided for congregations shaping their Lenten Wednesday worship services around Seven Wonders of the Word.

Book of Faith: Lenten journey Marks of a ChristianYou are invited to a 40-day journey exploring Romans 12. In this chapter, the apostle Paul calls us to new life in Christ and identifies marks of the Christian life. The deep reflections and insightful questions in this book will help you explore how your life is "marked" by Christ and consider how you live the marked life for the sake of the world.

from North West Publishing
People of the Passion
The passion of Jesus Christ was all about people. Jesus suffered and died for all people. People were there; people took part; and people stood by and watched. What do we know about these people?
Midweek 1/Ash Wednesday: "Judas, the Opportunist"
Midweek 2: "Caiaphas, the Schemer"
Midweek 3: "Nicodemus, the Silent Believer"
Midweek 4: "Peter, the Born Leader"
Midweek 5: "Pontius Pilate, the Thinker"
Midweek 6: "One of the Mob, the Follower"
Maundy Thursday: "The Apostles, the Servant Leaders"
Good Friday: "The Centurion, the Astonished"
Easter Sunday: "The Women, the Witnesses"

from ELCA
Lent Resource Page

from LCMS
Lent Resources

Christ Lutheran Church UK
Lenten Devotions based on the Small Catechism

Textweek Lent page

Lentdevotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Forgiven to forgive  USA
Forgiven to forgive Australia

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