Monday, December 08, 2008

For discussion: Communicating God's love and theology on the net and other media

Recently I have become a little annoyed with a few things I have been reading that facebook, the internet, email and some of the other media are not good places to talk theology or to share God's love.

If I am reading things correctly the whole gist of the argument seems to be that you can be easily be misunderstood and that it is difficult to dialogue. If this is the argument then we have a problem because you can use this argument for any sort of a communication. Just ask a husband and wife, a pastor who is shocked at how some people hear his sermon, or a parent and teenager who are having communication issues, they will all say at times we have been misunderstood and at times it is difficult to dialogue. Occasionally we hear but once you put it out there you can't retreieve it, but that is true also for what we say. Or is there something more to the discussion?

I think the real problem is that grasping new and different ways to communicate takes time, its a risk and often requires an adjustment in thinking and approach.

But these are not an excuses to avoid new or different communication mediums, especially if we are in God's missionary business.
Think about it what does it mean for Jesus to come down among us.
What does it mean for God's church who we are part of to come into the lives of those who use facebook, myspace, hourly use email and the internet, ipods, etc..
What does it mean not to have the answer for everything, but participate in a world that is continually changing?
Maybe these are some of the things we need to think about not just as individuals but as church, as God's missionaries.

What are your thoughts???

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