Tuesday, November 04, 2008

illustration: Prepared for eternity

The race that stops a nation in Australia, the Melbourne Cup is one of Australia's longest horse races.
It is also one of the richest, this year the winner will receive not only a trophy worth around $125000, but also $3.3 million, with another $2.2million spread across the next 9 place getters.
Horse trainers and owners from around the world bring their horses to race in the cup.
However in a recent interview a number of trainers indicated that they train very few horses for the cup, preferring the shorter races and more immediate gains, which occur more frequently.

Many people live life like this.
Instead of having their eyes on eternal life, they focus them on the immediate and the quick gains they can make now.
They live life more concerned about today without any thought of the future.
They seek instant rewards rather than the long term reward that Jesus offers them in heaven.

However there is a major difference between a Melbourne Cup winner and someone who reaches eternity..
The Melbourne Cup winner needs to do a lot of work....some who reaches eternity needs to rely on Jesus.

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Darren said...

And also an unexpected horse seems to get the cup....
and heaven will be full of people others do not expect to be there.