Friday, October 24, 2008

Bible: for reading, devotion, reflection and study

The Bible is essential for every Christian.
When it comes to the bible, Martin Luther once said the bible is the cradle in which the Christ lays.
Unfortunately though many Christians don't regularly read or study the bible, that is a little like denying yourself of fruit, vegetables, quality meat and medication.

Following are resources to help you in your bible reading and study and to encourage you to help others in this essential aspect of life. If you have suggestions for other resources, please feel free to send them to me.

Statements from various Lutheran bodies about the bible
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Bible
Lutheran Church of Australia; Scripture and inspiration, Gospel and the interpretation of scripture
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

George Barna article on the bible

Resources to encourage bible reading, devotion and study
Bible Literacy test this will help you identify what you know and don't know

Book of Faith an initiative to increas bible literacy and fluency for the sake of the world. Includes online conversations for those studying the bible and those leading bible study groups, articles on the bible and resources to help and encourage bible use

Ever wondered about Study the Bible offers a range of bible studies including the Gospel of John, exploring the bible, topical bible studies in English, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin

ELCA discpleship resources including resources and ideas for bible study

There are at least two bible study resources based on each week of the lectionary....
You can find one by clicking here and the other by clicking here

Digging Deeper booklet from Pastor Greg Priebbenow. This booklet forms a course that covers:
Basics of the Bible, Origins of the Bible, Shape of the Bible, Theology of the bible, Benefits of Bible reading and using the bible in daily life (including versions, methods and tools)
Practice of Bible Reading article by Pastor Greg Priebbenow
Advice for personal bible reading by Pastor Greg Priebbenow
Quiet Time booklet and sheet by Pastor Greg Priebbenow
For any of the above resources please email me with 'GP Bible resources' in the subject line

Creative bible study methods for Youth Leaders

LCMS Bible listening program for schools

Lutheran Bible Study site influenced by LCMS. Includes bible studies, information on the bible, bible timeline, and bible lists

Faith Practices: Bible Reading article that appeared in the Lutheran magazine (Australia)

Crossways international has many resources for learning and sharing the bible, including a major bible survey course. Its aim is to promote bible study world wide.

Bethel Bible Study series mission is to lead members of a local church into disciplined study of Scripture in such a way that they encounter the Living Christ.

Concordia Publishing House Bible Studies

Augburgfortress Bible Studies

NorthWest Publishing House Bible Studies

Articles and papers relating to Bible, bible study methods and understanding the bible

Bible Reading Plans
Lutheran Church of Australia offers bible reading plans with a thort provoker for the Old and New Testament
Lutheran Layperson League offers a tract for each bible for each church year.
Navpress offers the following bible reading plans
5x5x5 (5minutes, 5 days and 5 ways) Bible Reading plan
Book at a time
Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan
Bible Society of Australia offers free bible reading plans
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod offers an online bible reading plan that will help you get through the bible in 3 years.
One year Bible on line....helps you to develop a bible reading plan to read the bible in one year
Lutheran approaches to bible study
Opening the Book of faith: explores how Lutherans read and study the bible. It offers 4 main approaches.

Books to help you understand the bible

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