Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A congregation to visit: Living Grace Community Lutheran Church Toowoomba

Living Grace Lutheran Community Church
Vision includes:
Looking towards our amazing God who is at work around us and among us. He loves us.
Staying close to Jesus and be faithful in your everyday walk with him.
Developing the discipline of a daily quiet time with God (cf. Life Journal).
Committing to studying the course Experiencing God and while you learn Biblical principles commit to knowing and doing the will of God.
God may not yet reveal to us where he wants us to be in twenty years time but every new day we want to recognize where he wants us to be in mission as individuals and also as a congregation. THINK BIG. EACH ONE TEACH ONE. IT WILL COST US.

Dr Edgar Mayer, the senior Pastor of the newest Lutheran congregation in Toowoomba (a place with a large number of Lutheran congregations), has developed a range of resources for his congregation and the wider church...

On theire web site you will find the following:

Papers including:
Allowing The LCA To Repent by Edgar Mayer
Prophecy In Today's Church
Experiencing God

Sermon Series:
But Wait There Is More
How To Get Ready For The Infilling With The Holy Spirit.
Unlocking your life
Holy Communion
Sex and Marriage
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
Answers to Agony
Justifying Grace
Law and Gospel

Small Group Material:
40 Days Of Unity Small Group Transcripts
Studies in Luke and Acts

Creative Worship Resources



To discover these and more resources visit http://www.livinggracetoowoomba.org/

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