Friday, February 01, 2008

John Pless' articles Mission and worship

John Pless is the Assistant Professor, Pastoral Ministry and Missions—Director of Field Education at Concordia Theological Seminary...

From his work he has a strong interest in mission and the divine service, and writes from a confessional view point.

Following are some articles/essays that John Pless has written that maybe of interest to you:
Ceremonies For Seekers: Catechesis As A Fundamental Criterion For Worship In The Lutheran Confessions
The Divine Service and the Mission of the Church
Divine Service: Delivering Forgiveness of Sins
Liturgy and Evangelism in Service of the Mysteria Dei
Liturgy and Pietism: Then and Now
The Lord's Service To Us
Taking The Divine Service Into The Week: Liturgy And Vocation
What Your Eating and Drinking at this Altar Confesses
Paper - The Lord's Supper in the Life of the Congregation PDF

if you can suggest other mission oriententated academics I would be delighted to include them on this site.


Matt Thiele said...

I read and loved J.T. Pless' great book "Handling The Word Of Truth" but some of these articles of his are unbalanced diatribes against a culture (Lutheran Pietism) he is obviously antagonistic towards. I do believe (contra Pless) that Lutheran Pietism can be a good an useful counterweight to Lutheran Orthodoxy... after all, if it weren't for Lutheran Pietism I would not have come to faith and followed a call to be a pastor. Then again, if it were not for Lutheran Orthodoxy my theology would have remained quite shallow. No balance of this kind in the writing of Pless.

Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer said...


John Pless sent a lot of men to seminary who are now pastors, and that, without Pietism.

Theology isn't a pendulum or balance of political ideologies. It isn't about reason vs. emotion, but faith in what God reveals in His Word.