Monday, January 28, 2008

Free Lenten devotions for your congregation

Lutheran Hour Ministries offer your congregation two forms of Lenten Devotions to hand out.
"Uncustomary Love" explores many of our culture’s everyday rituals and contrasts them with the uncustomary, and exemplary, actions of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each day’s devotion looks at a timeworn, sometimes odd, custom, such as crossing one’s fingers or walking around a ladder, and suggests a practical “contemporary custom” or two to consider in their place. Written in a spirited, yet traditional style, "Uncustomary Love" will remind its audience that Lent is not only a season of reflection, but of doing.
"Writings from the Wilderness", on the other hand, is an open invite to readers who may not yet know the Savior or, if they do, to consider from another perspective the dynamics of a relationship with Him. These reflections allow room to explore the realities of our everyday existence, contemplate how these challenges take place in our life, and consider God's triumphant solution sealed by the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. Readers are challenged to keep a journal of their passage through the wilderness so they can look back and reflect on where they’ve been –and where they’re headed. These gritty and life-tested observations are written in a way that challenge readers and bring them into the faith conversation.

Both "Uncustomary Love" and "Writings from the Wilderness" have been created in a PDF format making them easily customizable when adding church information for distribution throughout your community.

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