Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lutheran Handbook the Second and better volume

After the success of volume 1 and the realization that there is far more to share about God's grace, scripture and other things Christian from the Lutheran perspective, Augsburg Fortress has released volume 2 of the Lutheran Handbook.
Here are the following chapters

Church Stuff
How to Identify the True Christian Church on Earth
Ten Key Leaders of the Early Christian Church
Ten Important Lutheran Events since the Reformation
The Lutheran Reformers' Five Most Dastardly Theological Opponents
The Most Outrageous Luther Quotes and What They Mean
Top Five Lutheran Myths and Why We Choose Not to Debunk Them
Five Important Reformers Other than Martin Luther
Luther's Germany, Including Key Cities of the Reformation
Ten Important Lutherans since the Reformation and What They Did
Five Great Lutheran Composers and What They Wrote
Five Famous Lutheran Artists and What They Made
Top Five Contributions by Women of the Church
Seven Important Lutheran Missionaries and Where They Went
A Brief History of the Lutheran Choral Tradition
How to Identify a Traditional Worship Devotee
How to Identify a Contemporary Worship Devotee
How to Usher
How to Acolyte
How to Be a Greeter
Five Common Worship Practices and Why Lutherans Do Them
How to Read the Scripture Lessons during Worship
How to Chant
How to Set the Communion Table
How to Assist during Communion Distribution
How to Deliver Communion to a Homebound Person
How to Deliver a Temple Talk/Make an Announcement during Worship
Important Institutions Every Lutheran Should Know About
The Lutheran Family Tree
A Brief History of the Lutheran Movement
Common Types of Lutheran Clergy Garb
Names for Lutheran Worship Furnishings, Ministers, Paraments, and Vestments
Lutheran Denominations in North America
Lutheran Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries in North America
ELCA Congregations in the United States
Glossary of Lutheran Worship Terms

Everyday Stuff
How to Receive God's Grace Daily
How to Proclaim the Gospel to Someone Who Needs to Hear It
The Top Three Uses of the Law
How to Heap Grace on Your Enemies' Heads Like Hot Coals
How to Tell the Difference between Cheap Grace and Regular Grace
How to Repent
How to Identify a "Neighbor" and What This Means for Lutherans
How to Adopt an Evangelistic Lifestyle without Alienating People
How to Tithe Seven Complicated Lutheran Theological Terms in Latin and What They Mean in Plain English
How to Tell the Difference between a "Vocation" and a "Vacation"
How to Tell the Difference between Justice and Charity
How to Tell the Difference between Theology of the Cross and Theology of Glory
How to Tell the Difference between the Kingdom on the Left and the Kingdom on the Right
How to Tell if Your Will Is in Bondage and What to Do about It
How to Tell the Difference between a Lutheran Pietist and a Lutheran Confessionalist
How to Tell the Difference between Original Sin and Everyday Sin
How to Tell the Difference between a Sinner and a Saint
How to Tell the Difference between a Lutheran Conservative and a Lutheran Liberal
The Five Most Common Heresies Well-Intentioned Lutherans Commit
How to Show the World You're a Lutheran without Being Flashy or Boring
How to Handle Yourself When You Get Angry at God
How to Invite a Friend or Neighbor to Church without Terrifying Them
How to Memorize Luther's Small Catechism Bible Stuff

A Brief History of the Bible
How to Choose a Bible Translation That's Right for You
How to Read the Entire Bible in One Year
How to Start a Bible Study Group
The Five Grossest Bible Diseases
Top Five Scary Monsters in the Bible
Top Seven Dastardly Bible Deeds
Top Seven Acts of Human Kindness in the Bible
Top Five Sibling Rivalries in the Bible
Top 10 Angel Sightings in the Bible
Five of the Most Common Images for God in the Bible
Top Five "Other Gods" in the Old Testament and Who Believed in Them
How to Identify an Angel
The Five Most Unpopular Old Testament Prophets
Five Inspiring Women in the Bible
Top Five Misconceptions about the Book of Revelation
How to Tell When the Apocalypse Is Imminent
How to Locate the "Canon within the Canon"
How to Listen to Scripture as it is Read Aloud and Get Something Out of It
Seven Important Bible Teachings Every Lutheran Should Know
Ten common occupations in Bible Times
The Top 10 Prayers Uttered in the Bible
The Top 10 Curses Uttered In The Bible
A Brief History of God's Covenant with the People
How to Read Key Types of Bible Literature:
A Psalm
A Prophetic Message
A Parable
A Letter
A Narrative Account
A Proverb
How to Interpret "Controversial" Bible Passages and Remain Lutheran
Notes & Stuff

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