Thursday, March 10, 2022

Book: Reformed Leadership - why leaders need the Gospel to change the world

Reformed Leadership  presents the gospel as a sensemaking tool to critically examine five areas of personal leadership effectiveness, namely desire, identity, dignity, motive, and ambition.

Every tipping point in changing the world for the better always involves leadership.  Yet history also illustrates that even formidable leaders are prone to derailment and failures. Contrary to the popular idea that leaders need to enhance their self-efficacy to be effective, the focus of self is misguided because the self is the epicenter of the leadership problem. The author posits that the preoccupation with the self (and consequently, unbelief in the gospel) is the fundamental reason why leaders are blinded by power and control, create their own performance treadmill, live for the approval of others, and have myopic ambitions for things of this world.

Drawing on biblical insights and scholarly research, the leadership principles outlined in the book and their street-level applications will equip both novice and seasoned leaders to begin and end well.

Table of contents

1. What Business Schools Don't Teach You about Leadership

2. Leadership and the Psychology of Desire

3. How the Gospel Creates Leading Servants

4. When Leaders Run on the Performance Treadmill

5. When Leaders Live for People's Approval

6. Leading with Creative Tension

7. Don't Waste Your Leadership

Monday, January 31, 2022

Article: Sermon Structures

David Schmitt shares with us 30 different sermon structures from 3 different main categories:

1.  Textual structures

2. Thematic structures

3. Dynamic structures

Take some time to explore the various structures at


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Book: Faithfully Connected - Integrating Biblical Principles in a Digital Worl

We know what it means to be a good citizen. We follow the law, obey local regulations, and listen to governmental authorities. From a young age, children learn how to be good citizens of their city, state, and country.

But there is a new kind of citizenship—digital citizenship: the appropriate and responsible use of technology. Now, educators and parents have the responsibility of teaching children how to be God’s faithful people in a digital world.

Faithfully Connected integrates biblical principles with the concepts of digital citizenship for the formation of young people in a variety of educational settings. Drs. Boche and Hollatz speak authoritatively as Christian educators with a pulse on the generation growing up with digital media as its first language.

Whether in the classroom, church, or home, Faithfully Connected equips you to teach students what it means to be both a digital citizen and a faith citizen. Lesson plans and discussion guides for Christian schools and catechism classes are included.


“[A] precious gift to pastors, parents, and especially Christian educators around the world. ”  —Dr. Bernard Bull, Vice Provost for Curriculum and Academic, Innovation at Concordia University Wisconsin and Author of Digitized: Spiritual Implications of Technology

“A road map to be safe, savvy, faith-filled digital citizens on the information highway.”  —James G. Rush II, English (EFL) Instructor, Luther University—Yongin, South Korea

“Show[s] classroom teachers, pastors, layleaders, and parents how to prepare children with the skills and traits of godly citizens for a future we can’t predict.”  —Tim Schumacher, Assistant Professor of Educational, Technology, Concordia University Irvine

“A must-read for Lutheran educators as we embrace digital technology with Christian character and integrity!”  —Sharon Frydendall, Middle School Teacher, St. John’s Lutheran School, Orange, CA

“An excellent resource for any teacher or pastor who wants to empower their students to be faithful ambassadors of Christ in their increasingly digital world.”  —Jonathan P. Orr, LAT, ATC, MEd, Director of Innovation, and Continuous Improvement, Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Video Series: Presence

 'Presence' is a new film series introducing what Lutherans believe. The video below provides an introduction/overview to the series, so start with that one. The films are intended to be conversation starters. 

Watch an Introduction to Presence


Presence Series is available - at

Book: Creedal Apologetics - Learning to Use the Apostles' Creed to Defend and Proclaim the Christian Faith

The Apostles’ Creed was used in two distinct ways by the early Christian church: first, as a tool to teach new disciples the essentials of the faith, and second, as a defense for the faith from unbelievers and skeptics alike. In the world today, many are engaged in apologetics but with their presuppositions and subjective reasoning, they offer the world nothing different than their own subjective beliefs. Using the Apostles’ Creed as a guide enables the Christian to give a hope for the faith within using objective truths based on eyewitness testimony. This book teaches you how to use the Creed to stay on topic and bring out the essentials of the faith in a concise and graceful manner. Dr. Almodovar gives a rubber-hits-the-road approach to apologetics, offering various scenarios to show how Creedal apologetics is accomplished. This simple tool (the Apostles’ Creed), once used for defense, is dusted off, polished up,