Thursday, January 19, 2023

Reading the bible with a mission lens

Reading the bible with a mission lens is about engaging with God and His word, that leads us into being part of His mission in the world.   
A good way to do this is by reflecting on and responding to 5 key questions as you read a passage of scripture.
  1. What is this passage saying about who God is?
  2. What is this passage saying about who you are?
  3. What is this passage saying about God's relationship with you (and others those in and outside His church)?
  4. How is this passage encouraging you to be part of the Body of Christ, God's church?
  5. How is this passage encouraging you (and others who are part of the Body of Christ) to engage with people who are in your community or you will cross paths with?
Reading the bible with a mission lens, should lead us to engaging with Christians in helping others to connect with God and His mission of grace.    

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Environmentally Friendly Communion Cups


An Australian Christian and Lutheran supplies company is releasing an environmentally friendly individual communion cup

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Resource Queen Elizabeth II Memorial resource

 This resource has been prepared for use personally or with families for the Day of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II 

You are free to use and distribute the resource 

You can download the resource at 

Queen Elizabeth Day of Mourning resource

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Book: Reformed Leadership - why leaders need the Gospel to change the world

Reformed Leadership  presents the gospel as a sensemaking tool to critically examine five areas of personal leadership effectiveness, namely desire, identity, dignity, motive, and ambition.

Every tipping point in changing the world for the better always involves leadership.  Yet history also illustrates that even formidable leaders are prone to derailment and failures. Contrary to the popular idea that leaders need to enhance their self-efficacy to be effective, the focus of self is misguided because the self is the epicenter of the leadership problem. The author posits that the preoccupation with the self (and consequently, unbelief in the gospel) is the fundamental reason why leaders are blinded by power and control, create their own performance treadmill, live for the approval of others, and have myopic ambitions for things of this world.

Drawing on biblical insights and scholarly research, the leadership principles outlined in the book and their street-level applications will equip both novice and seasoned leaders to begin and end well.

Table of contents

1. What Business Schools Don't Teach You about Leadership

2. Leadership and the Psychology of Desire

3. How the Gospel Creates Leading Servants

4. When Leaders Run on the Performance Treadmill

5. When Leaders Live for People's Approval

6. Leading with Creative Tension

7. Don't Waste Your Leadership

Monday, January 31, 2022

Article: Sermon Structures

David Schmitt shares with us 30 different sermon structures from 3 different main categories:

1.  Textual structures

2. Thematic structures

3. Dynamic structures

Take some time to explore the various structures at